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Multiverse Music Residency 5.25.22

Robinson Treacher Joins the Music Residency Live stream!

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LIVE from the Music District we host the 3rd Multiverse Music Residency on Wednesday, May 25th

This is a very special musical event. A night of live kick ass music from two amazing artists. Nashville Recording artist Robinson Treacher and Music Residency host Josh Daniel!!

I've been trying to mash-up these two artists for years!! Distance makes this difficult. Although, they are not sharing this stage, this multiverse event marks one step closer to getting these two on the same stage....KAW KAW KAW!!! Follow this musical journey...

6:30 TAILGATE: Robinson Treacher will perform LIVE 30 min set in the Tailgate Room. Door in Grand Central and Music District HQ on Beastie Boy Ave.

7:00pm Music Residency: Josh Daniel returns LIVE from Ziggy's in Winston-Salem, NC.

This is a night of live music that will be something the multiverse has yet to see!
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