First Network created for music in the metaverse


Metaverse Music Network

Sharing Original W3b3 music across THE MNNETWORK extendS reach and promotion of W3b3 artists & OUR partners.

The Music District™ amplifies the broadcast of artist livestream events and extends the reach for brands through the Metaverse Music Network (MMN), a network that connects and aggregates music-themed worlds and projects across various Metaverse platforms. By unifying partner Metaverses through a universal livestream link, MMN offers artists live stream coverage across multiple platforms (simultaneously) and fans a unique web3 "world-hopping" music experience. An experience that increases traffic and awareness for network partners by funneling fans through different main event platforms and environments. MMN, a music web3 network solution overcomes the limitations of any web3 project restricted to one platform and blockchain that needs a community to thrive. By linking together in support of each other's web3 projects we extend our communities and web3 presence that has unlimited potential with each new partnership formed. 

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