Metaverse Music Network (MMNetWORK)


The Music District™ is one of the very first music Metaverse web3 communities and a primary entry point for artists, fans and brands . The Music District heightens the fan experience by broadcasting events & artist livestreams, inside a customized, spatial 4D virtual worlds. Extending artists reach and brand awareness globally, through a network called the Metaverse Music Network (MMN).   

The MMN is a network linking and aggregating music themed worlds across platforms ( e.g., Spatial, Decentraland, AltSpace). By connecting & linking partner metaverses with a universal livestream link, each new partnership extends the reach of our growing network.

Metaverse Music Network

Sharing Original W3b3 music across THE MNNETWORK extendS reach and promotion of W3b3 artists & OUR partners.


Partner with W3bstock and the Music District as we build the first W3b3 Metaverse Music Network (MMN).  Together, we extend our W3b3 reach and visibility by aggregating our music metaverses  into one network, across platforms, by linking our worlds/spaces/metaverses with universal livestream artist/event links.

What is the MMNetwork?

The Metaverse Music Network (MMN) is a W3b3 community that is organically growing, learning and building together to further extend our love and promotion of all things that are W3b3 music. It is through individual participation and collaboration in the MMNetwork that collectively extends our reach beyond the walls of a singular metaverse.

How does it work?

Each week five W3b3 artists will be chosen by MMN partners and be posted on a dedicated page on Partners will encourage their followers , across platforms, to vote for one W3b3 artist to be featured in our network.  A chance for one artist to extend their reach and to be heard by thousands of new fans!!!  For one week, we will collectively promote W3b3 artists with the intention of helping that artist succeed!  In addition, one MMN partner inside our network  each week will have a chance to be highlighted as the main Sponsor sharing in reach and promotion for their own business and project.  Featuring partners will entice new members to join our MMNetwork community and extend our reach as our network of partners continue to grow and evolve with unlimited potential...

Is the Metaverse Metaphysical?

Metaverse: The Metaphysical Nature of Life: Seeing into Creation

Prior to W3b3,  no community has ever existed or displayed such a positive mentality and commitment for each other. W3b3 is that community! The metaverse is an amazing entity in early stages of development, an incredible tool for engagement and sharing our music creations. However, there's something missing that can make all our music projects stand out: Create a community consisting of music-related metaverses, across platforms, aggregated under one network. That network is the MMNetwork.

Let's Discuss:

This is a working doc to get things moving in a positive direction. We are open to all comments and suggestions. 

- Rallo


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