Back to the 80's Party Night

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Altspace & Multiverse

***Featuring a special message from MUSIC NFT's W3BSTOCK Michael Joniaux (Jo-Nee-yo), Director of partnership (Twitter @drewbro.eth). THE FIRST-EVER COMMUNITY-BASED, TOKEN-GOVERNED MUSIC FESTIVAL, CREATED BY THE COMMUNITY, FOR THE WORLD & Music District Partner/FAM / Special Guest: Artist Rae Isla, W3bstock artist long awaited Music NFT Drop on 8.2 SOLD OUT same day and trended #10 on @opensea Music Charts! Let's Go!!!!

About the EVENT/ Place: ALTSpace (Altspace enter code: KJU745) and Multiverse ( Beastie Boy Ave & Onyx) / Time: Thursday 8.4 @8pm est

Ladies and gentleman prepare for a Web3 party that Altspace and the infiniverse has never seen before!!! We're going back to the 80s with DJ Cmgem spinning LIVE, taking requests , doing shout outs while taking us back to the future! Choose your own adventure and head over to Altspace and enter the code or slide into the Music District storefront on Beastie Boys Ave in the Infiniverse and see the beautifully decorated club room that will bring you Back to the FUTURE!!!

If you Do not have an Oculus you can still join in on the fun and this amazing community that is developing here in the Music District. Click link below or head on over to for step by step instructions and be sure to follow us on FB and twitter.